Who I am:

Hi, I'm glad you’ve found SkilledMother.com!

My name is Linda Brown, mother of a little 1-year-old baby boy and a 5-year-old girl, and I'm here to share with you my personal insight, money-saving tips, and product recommendations, to help you along your own journey of motherhood.

Pregnancy is a blessing, but also a challenge.​

The first time around, my husband and I certainly faced stress and confusion, both from day-to-day parenting and not knowing how to get everything we needed within our budget.​

I distinctly remember one on occasion, laying on the bed, tears streaming, with a full baby bump, wondering whether we’d made the right decision. 

Linda Brown

I can tell you we did!

With the support of friends and family, and keeping a positive and loving outlook, we succeeded with our girl and are thrilled to be doing it all again with our boy - bringing its own unique set of challenges.

I'm excited to pass on some of our wisdom to all the first-time mothers out there and hope we can build a community where our families can grow together. I'll be blogging as we go!

More About Me:

Much of my hobbies are intertwined with my parenting.

Linda Brown

I love to get creative with my little girl, baking and doing crafts, and the whole family really enjoys getting out in nature when the weather is good.

I also love to write and engage with others on the web (hence the site), and when I do get some me time - I'm all about that kindle!

Feel free to get in touch with me here.

Linda Brown,
Editor of SkilledMother